BEATRICE SEGOLINI is a polyhedric artist, film editor and director born in Italy in 1991.
Between 2010 and 2014 Beatrice studied Sociology at the Univeristy of Trento, focusing on qualitative research, social psychology and anthropology.
During the same years, she begun her work in film industry and co-founded the association “SocioCinema”, aimed to encourage citizens to shoot small documentaries on social issues. After graduating with the essay: “Moving compromises: the visual anthropology in the documentaries of Bateson and Mead”, she enrolls into the Zelig Documentary Film School in Bozen, South Tyrol: she’ll graduate in 2016 as an editor, directing as well her first feature length autobiographical documentary THE GOOD INTENTIONS (84’), which will be awarded with several prizes.
She then spends the following years working and living between Belgium, Germany and Italy, engaging in several minor projects between documentary and theatre. In 2018 she edited the feature length documentary THE VALLEY (72’): the film won several prizes, including the Emerging Filmmaker Award at HOTDOCS Film Festival in Toronto (Canada); was broadcasted on ARTE (Germany and France) and Public Sénat (France), and even screened at UNO and European Parlament.
In the same period, while continuing to work as editor in conventional film industry, she co-founded the DOGSTAR2 artistic duo together with musician and visual artist Joachim Planer, with the purpose of expanding her artistic horizons and experimenting with different applications of the concept of documentary, with awarded results: in 2020 the duo premiered in Innsbruck the mash up liveshow SUPERNOVA - ELECTRO LIVE CINEMA, based on the fusion between old found footage movies and experimental electronic live music. Parallely, together with colleague Gabriella Cosmo, they developed the first season of the audio documentary series LE METAMORFOSI.

Beatrice’s current focus is to expand her artistic horizons and embrace art and storytelling at their broadest.